Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I NEGLECTED to mention photos in the last post -- it was decidedly overcast and gloomy (and even more so under the tents) on Friday at White Springs so I didn't take many pictures. I am not one to use a flash when folks are performing. So, although I snapped a few with a throw-away camera, don't expect much when I get around to having them developed.

* * *

More and more, I find myself playing my cheapo no-name (well, actually it says 'Hondo' on it) classical guitar around here. I like the feel of the wide neck, the nylon strings, the sound -- even the sound of this plywood instrument. I think I'm going to have to invest in a better classical, probably with a pickup, to play in public. NOT one of those slim-bodied, slim-necked nylon-string acoustic-electrics; they aren't loud enough unplugged.

Or maybe I'll just try to install a pickup in the one I have. I wouldn't feel bad about using it as a knock-around guitar, but I don't know if it's cost effective when I price reasonably decent new (or used on ebay) instruments.

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