Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'M ADDICTED to fonts...yes, I'll admit it. I must have been a printer in a former life (that or a sommelier!). The temptation is always there to load down my computer with hundreds (thousands?) of fonts. I spend hours browsing typefaces online. Is there a twelve step (or twelve point) program for people like me? Do I need to go cold turkey and only use Arial the rest of my life?

Anyway, I was trying to find the font that I used in my Peripheral Vision magazine logo -- I had it on my defunct computer but not now. And I didn't remember what it was named! Searching was frustrating but I finally found a site with font recognition software and figured out that it is 'Display Intense.' Probably -- I think I've got it right. Unfortunately, it is only available as a twenty-some dollar download and it's certainly not worth that to me so I'm looking for similar (and free?). I've no idea how it ended up on the computer in the first place, whether it came original or was installed with some program or another. I've managed to find replacements for most of the other fonts I lost.

In the mean time, I found far too many interesting new fonts and I want them all!


Anonymous said...

Yes fonts, they are good. Only recently was I perusing them to get just the right one for the cover of my novel. I found something I liked, the letters have to have tails and look like the sort of font you might find on the maker's paper inside of a Lynda or Derrick!

This is because a font will make you feel something. For instance I use comic sans if I want to communicate something briefly in a lighter vein- as opposed to arial or timesnr(etc). The font therefore is an illustration of 'feeling'ir identification due to some sort of brain association.

Stephen B said...

There was a short article about fonts and personality at the BBC site:

I weigh the impact of various fonts pretty carefully when I use them. Of course, online we're a bit limited!

bint battuta said...

Well here's a site in case you'd like to make your own fonts!