Thursday, May 29, 2008

MORE OLD songs: I thought maybe I had posted it here long ago, but this does not show up in the archives. It was an entry in the Willfest contest three or four years back (maybe more -- it was written in '02 after all). As usual, a non-placer. Anyway, as I continue to get my song files into order, I pulled out this one, rewrote a couple phrases, and am reasonably satisfied with it. Might even learn it. The first stanza is the chorus.


Suwannee, oh, Suwannee,
flow my river, flow,
From the Okefenokee
to the Gulf of Mexico;
From the cypress overhanging
to the hills where live oaks grow,
My river, my river,
flow, Suwannee, flow.

Below the high, wild wooded bluffs
the playful otter swims;
Dark waters mirror Spanish moss
that trails from gnarled limbs.
In little wooden churches rise
those old familiar hymns,
Voices rising to the heavens
as the soft sky dims.

Upon her winding journey south,
the river must run free,
Through White Springs, where they sing her name,
she flows on toward the sea;
Warm waters are a haven there
for peaceful manatee,
The eagle holds the cobalt heights –
ever may it be.

The water’s dark, the water’s deep,
her flood is swift and strong;
Florida’s wild soul lives in
the Suwannee’s subtle song.
She speaks to me in solitude,
consoles when all seems wrong,
And tells me I have found my home:
this is where I belong.

Stephen Brooke ©2002

I do wish all the different spell-checkers would agree on how to spell Suwannee / Suwanee. Blogger likes the latter, Word Perfect doesn't like either! But my atlas has the double-n so that's what I go with.


pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

This is a beautiful song about one of my favorite rivers...

pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

could you send me an mp3?

Stephen B said...

I probably still have a copy around here somewhere of the Willfest entry. Chances are it's so bad I wouldn't let anyone hear it now! I do intend to do quick demo recordings soon of all this stuff I've been posting, so I'll be happy to send along an mp3 then.

Stephen B said...

Hmm...apparently I don't have the CD with that song demo on it. Or I've hidden it really well. All the more reason to get busy doing archive recordings of all this old material. I'm getting so I can't remember the tunes of some of them!