Tuesday, May 27, 2008

THE OLDEST Steve Song in Captivity

I've been trying to get my songs organized lately and came across this one. The lyric -- though it has seen some modest revision since -- goes back to my freshman year in college (1969, by golly!) and certainly reflects a certain, um, immaturity shall we say? I didn't write music or play an instrument yet so it took me twenty years to get around to doing a tune for it.


Oh, you pink and crooked thumb,
Your length from evolution come,
Separate the man from ape
Through your oddity of shape!

When first primeval man did grasp
A stick to beat the threatening asp,
Both his life and mine were saved
By your grasp upon the stave!

And were it not for you, my thumb
This guitar I could never strum;
Oh little digit, in the end,
I know you’ll always be my friend!

When broken down by the roadside,
You help me catch myself a ride;
Though this may seem strange to some,
I owe a lot to you, my thumb!

Stephen Brooke ©2008

* * *

I did manage to get over to White Springs this past weekend, but only for the Friday edition of the Fla Folk Festival. One takes what one can get, y'know? It poured rain the whole way over (though surprisingly, there was almost no precipitation back here at home) but was clearing some by the time I arrived, just before ten -- it's more than a three hour drive (Steve doesn't go over 100 normally -- kph, that is!) and with crossing time zones I had to leave here around five-ish.

So, I ran about under an umbrella for a while but within an hour it had largely stopped raining. As is my wont, I tend to go hear/see the songwriter types I particularly like -- Del Suggs, Joey Errigo, The Mayhaws (both Carrie and Sharla have good songs). Had to see my neighbors (well, almost) from Swiftwater playing down at the Gazebo. And stopped by the Amphitheater a while to listen to the Enablers. Of course, there also have to be stops for strawberry milkshakes and root beer floats. Thank goodness it was warm enough to enjoy them!

Around five, I was heading back to the parking area...oh dear, should I turn right to my truck or go left into the campground and hang a while? My conscience got the better of me so I headed home then instead of dawdling. Maybe next time...hey, who knows, I might even be staying in the campground myself next year. But I got seven hours of festival this year and that's all to the good.

* * *

Dag nab it! I still can't get a download of AVG8 without being knocked off line. And I tried twice with a downloader program that is supposed to resume for me...alas, both times when it finished the file was corrupt and I couldn't install. Oh well, probably 80% of the time I'm online with the Mac Mini where none of this matters, but occasionally I DO have to use the Windows machine on the net.

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