Friday, May 16, 2008

The performers' schedule for the Fla Folk Festival is (finally) posted. I thought Lucky Mud said they were going to be there...I guess there was a change of plans or I misread. Anyway, I do still intend to attend one day or another. Which day I'll manage, I don't know, but I won't be able to be there all weekend as in years past. Just too far away now.

It's an opportunity to catch up on some of my old favorites and find some new ones. And with 17 stages going simultaneously (most of the day) I don't have to put up with any 'filler.' :)

There are performers there that don't exactly move me. There is, for example, a certain singer-songwriter who is very popular with the Florida folk community. No names from Steve! I find her work, well, shallow, banal and boring. But then, my tastes often don't line up with a lot of other folks. I prefer some wit and depth in a song; I reckon my all-time favorite singer-songwriter type -- among artists I actually know -- would be Joey Errigo. I do wish she would promote herself more and get another CD out!

Ha, I wish I would promote myself more and get another CD out too...

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