Monday, May 19, 2008

SILLY SONGS, I think, call for simple melodies; that last lyric I posted, e.g., I fitted with a rather straightforward tune. You might even describe it as generic, though, as often I do, I threw in a non-scalar chord to lighten things up. On to more serious stuff now...maybe.

* * *

It's getting pretty hot here now -- pretty much summery weather. And I'm seeing the first love bugs on my window screen right now. Just in time for my drive to White Springs later this week, though I'll probably be on the road too early and too late for them to be a problem. Not that there aren't plenty of night-flying insects to splatter my windshield.

* * *

I've found my missing font for the magazine logo. What I needed was Glacier Normal, which is practically identical (at least for the P and the V) to the one for which I was looking. I may do a tee-shirt with the logo for my store. Maybe two of 'em!

* * *

I reeeeeally hate my dial up connection here. Not because it's particularly slow -- it's faster, theoretically at least, than what I had in Steinhatchee. But it's so erratic and I get knocked off line a lot. Very hard to download anything of much size, like anti-virus software. And I need the new version of AVG free! Btw, I'm going to miss their free anti-spyware program when they stop supporting it shortly. Reckon I'll have to find something else. Maybe even pay!

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Anonymous said...

With my second computer I ended up with NOD 32 antivirus software. I used to get AVG but I was told by a techie in the know that NOD was superior.