adventures in dysthymia

Friday, May 16, 2008

STEVE'S FIRST Law of Poeticizing: Never use (or at least avoid like that cliched plague) the word like. Don't say 'it was like a cool breeze,' say 'it was a cool breeze;' i.e. use, when possible, metaphors rather than similes. Obviously, not a hard and fast rule but one that it's good to follow when possible. Besides, like is such an overused word in everyday speech!

Recognizing the importance of metaphor was my biggest breakthrough as a poet. It's so simple a concept, too; perhaps too simple and too easily overlooked. Metaphor is the magic ingredient.

On a completely different subject, I just looked at the long-range forecast for next weekend at White Springs. It's going to be hot -- lower 90s at least -- and there may be some rain by Saturday and Sunday. In other words, about the same as usual!

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