Thursday, June 05, 2008


On the wings of an eagle, I flew,
Blown by the winds of fate;
And never found what I needed,
A soul without a mate.
Far and fierce I gazed,
Searching from on high;
On weary wings I wandered
Through a dark and lonely sky.

You brought me to earth on the wings of your love,
You showed me the eagle can fly with the dove;
At home in a world I once soared above,
Now the eagle can rest, he’s built a nest with the dove.

My way was cold and bleak,
Restlessly, I ranged;
But the day I found your haven,
My life forever changed.
Borne on the wings of despair,
I was doomed to live apart,
Until your love redeemed me;
You tamed the eagle’s heart.

Stephen Brooke ©1990

A bit of grandiose schlock from years ago. The music is equally over the top.

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