Wednesday, June 04, 2008

FROM A FEW years back, a decidedly maudlin exercise in 'traditional' country music:


Flowers grow outside my window,
Colors in the rain,
As Spring once more has brought its showers
Rattling on the pane.
I miss the perfume of the blooms,
I long for it in vain,
But this year I must be content
With colors in the rain.

There is a journey I will make,
A task that I must undertake,
For seasons change and life goes on
And flowers bloom when I am gone.

Time is precious, I have learned,
A gift from God above;
And now I know that you and I
Will never have enough.
Next Spring you’ll catch the scent of blossoms,
Hear the mourning dove;
Then let the colors in the rain
Remind you of our love.

Stephen Brooke ©2000

I have to admit that, although it is embarrassingly sentimental, I'm sort of fond of this piece. I do believe the first notes jotted down toward its composition go back quite a bit further than the 2000 date. Of course, it is worked up with a tune and all that and I'll demo it up one of these days.

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