Thursday, June 05, 2008


verse 1
I was on the floor, lookin’ up;
She was at a table, lookin’ down.
I told her she looked like an angel;
She said that I looked like a clown.
I sat down right by her side,
And asked ‘Why don’t we get out of here?’
She just slid her chair away
And gave me a look that would curdle beer.

Sometimes you crash, sometimes you fly,
Sometimes she’ll leave you wonderin’ why.
But you never know unless you try;
You can’t let girls and life go by.

verse 2
I reckoned she was only shy,
So I bought her a beer but it wasn’t her brand.
I asked her sign, she said ‘No vacancy;’
I asked her to dance, she didn’t like the band.
She said I was wastin’ both our time;
I’d know if I had half a brain.
Every move I made, she’d shoot me down;
I guess likin’ me went against her grain!

repeat chorus

The bartender said ‘I admire your brass,
But you know it’s against the law to harass;
Forget that girl, she has too much class
And let me pour you another glass.’

verse 3
She got up to leave with this remark:
‘You’re nowhere near as cool as you think,’
And then took off with two other guys;
Our love had hit a little kink.
But I hit on her and she didn’t hit back,
So maybe I still have a chance.
Next Saturday night, I’ll try again;
I’m not givin’ up on this romance!

repeat chorus

Stephen Brooke ©1997

Another one I thought I had posted here before, but a search doesn't show it. Very much a country song -- obviously, huh? I'm over 30 songs worked up and into the files now of the two hundred or so I've written. Admittedly, that's not a particularly high songwriting output for a guy my age, but I've had other creative endeavors that took up my time.

Looks like I'll finally get back to performing, at least a little...we'll see how my situation goes. I'll be playing in Dothan next month and may hit an open mike or two before then as a warm-up.

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