Friday, June 06, 2008

OBSESSION can be a great songwriting subject. This one definitely isn't from personal experience -- I've never been obsessive about anything worse than playing Tetris.


Last night you slept with my ex-girlfriend;
I shouldn’t care, ‘cause we’d reached our end.
But it twists something inside of me,
The pain that never lets me be.
That’s why I know who you are;
That’s why I know who you are.

I’ve watched you laughing at her side;
I can’t help myself, I’ve tried.
And even though it made no sense,
I knew you laughed at my expense.
That’s why I know who you are;
That’s why I know who you are.

There’s a gun in a box, under my bed,
And one of us may turn up dead;
Not sure which I hate the most,
You or her or my own pale ghost.
For hatred cries out in my heart,
Urging me to play this part;
Lord, help me if I go too far –
I know who I am and I know who you are.

You held her hand at a restaurant;
I knew it was an open taunt.
And if I must deal with my shame,
I won’t be the one to blame.
That’s why I know who you are;
That’s why I know who you are.

I feel this poison steady seeping;
I fear to wake what’s best left sleeping.
Self-control is bound to give
When I have no reason to live.
That’s why I know who you are;
That’s why I know who you are.

Stephen Brooke ©2003

I have put up a music page ( at ) at my site. Only some midis right now; I'll have demo mp3s and such there eventually.


Anonymous said...

This are interesting lyrics. I actually have had the experience of someone (a long time ago) who couldn't get over my dropping him. It was scary at the time.

I've often thought that much art/writing/poetry can come from personal experience. But being a writer (hopefully) one has to write what one has sometimes not experienced. I guess the trick is to get inside someone else's head. So it's good to research about these psychological issues to get the insights.

I think people are fascinated about themselves so they want to read or hear about the things that human beings do. That's why there's so much crime fiction on the tv and in novels.

The bit in the song where the jealous embittered man feels like getting the guy I felt came from the fact that the man was 'taunted' by the other. It makes me think that that would be a dangerous game to play, putting something like that in the other's face.

But I'm also sad that when people break up that one party sometimes cannot get over it, even when the relationship would not ever have worked. It's just the fact that whatever that 'magic' was in that relationship, the person grieving cannot forget the feeling. That's why people get back together after breaking up when they really shouldn't have.

Stephen B said...

The 'taunt' of course is all in the head of this guy -- maybe the whole relationship was... :)

It can be hard to get over a relationship sometimes, no doubt about it. I wrote an awful lot of really bad breakup songs about six years ago in the process of 'recovering' from love.