Tuesday, June 03, 2008

STORMY WEATHER was what he had, Monday night. Boy, it blew and rained and blew and then it just went ahead and rained some more. And blew. A good bit of tree parts scattered about the yard (along with some roof shingles, alas) but, hey, the precipitation was welcome, even if not the delivery system.

The storm also knocked out my phone for about 20 hours so I've had internet withdrawal symptoms all day. Y'all missed me online, right? ;) In the mean time, I had the pleasure of being stung on the forehead by paper wasps that decided to build their nest in my clothes hamper. Silly Steve let the lid rest against his head without noticing them...

And now, more silliness:


Cows give milk
Worms give silk
(It's inside of 'em)
Bees give honey
Banks give money
(Can I have some?)

Hens have chicks
Dogs have ticks
(Little blood-suckers)
Mares have foals
Candidates have polls
(Big blood-suckers!)

Fish know swimmin'
Men know women
(Or think they do)
Cowboys know the West
And I know best
(Oh, it's true!)

Stephen Broooke ©2008

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