Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AT PEANUT ROAD the pears and peaches are once again ripening. Not so many this year, especially on the little seedling peach tree. I'm sure fruit development on both trees was stunted by the trauma of last year's drought conditions but, also, the peach tree had damage to some of its branches and needed to be cut back some. So, only a few of them this year but probably more pears than I want to deal with. I'm not ambitious enough to peel, core, etc and pack them away in the freezer. Shoot, I'm not even running the freezer this year -- saving on electricity.

Here's a snap of the pear tree, out by the back fence.

And, below it, a picture of Capt. Billy Bones, cat-in-residence at Peanut Road. Bones is an unhappy feline at the moment because we now -- at least temporarily -- have a puppy here, named 'Poopy' until I come up with something better. It is descriptive enough, however. The Captain must have had a bad experience with dogs sometime in the past, for he took one look at the harmless four-pound pup and took off running like a pack of pit-bulls were after him.

I don't know if I'm keeping Poopy. He was abandoned in a nearby field with a sibling and I brought him in and fed him up. The other pup was in bad shape and I felt it necessary to have it put down -- not something I wanted to do but not the first time I've had to do what was right by a sick or injured animal. I may end up taking the puppy to a shelter in a day or two.

Y'know, I'm pretty forgiving but it's hard to feel that way toward someone who would abandon animals this way. People just don't take responsibility, don't do what needs to be done. So it's left up to others. Oh well, I guess that's always been the way of this world.

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