Monday, July 14, 2008

I have, on occasion, been accused of being indecisive; hence this essentially tongue-in-cheek defense:


I was thinking about some body art --
A big red rose and your name in a heart.
Now you're seeing someone new;
Darn good thing I didn't get that tattoo.

I was pricing out a diamond ring,
Our future seemed a certain thing.
But you tell me go and please don't linger;
I'll have to find some other finger.

Every decision I didn't make
Kept me from one more mistake;
Before we do, we should think things through,
Slow it down, put on the brake.
All those decisions can lead to regrets,
Like placing too many losing bets.
Get it wrong and remorse is long:
Broken hearts and unpaid debts.

I was thinking about making you my spouse,
Putting a down payment on a house.
Now you're living with another guy;
It's a good thing I couldn't afford to buy!

Stephen Brooke ©2008

It's just a silly song, of course. Or not even a song yet, in that I haven't even thought about music (if I bother at all). I do admit, I reckon we'd all be better off if our 'leaders' were a little less inclined to make decisions and just let us all muddle along on our own.

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