Sunday, August 17, 2008


verse 1:
Part of me doesn't know any better
Than to still be in love with you;
I've tried to explain to myself that it's over
But my heart won't believe it's true.
Sometimes it whispers in the night,
Softly calls your name,
And wonders when you're coming back,
Why things can't be the same.

There remains a part of me,
There remains the heart of me,
That believes in destiny;
It's just a part of me.
There remains a part of me
That holds onto your memory;
It is and it will always be
Just a part of me.

verse 2:
Part of me thinks I'll wake tomorrow
And find you at my side;
Sometimes I've told myself the truth,
While other times I've lied.
But the lies, those same old lies,
Are all that my heart hears,
So it won't feel the same old hurts,
Cry the same old tears.

repeat chorus and/or instrumental

And part of me has let you go
While part of me still waits and so...

repeat chorus

Stephen Brooke ©2008

A song, more or less of the Country persuasion, and still very much a WIP. Written, as are many of mine, from a phrase that took my fancy -- in this case, 'a part of me.' Serves as a hook here, obviously...I practically beat the listener over the head with the repeats!

addendum, Sunday evening: Though I thought this was a Country song, when I started working on the music I found myself jettisoning the relatively simple country-oriented melody in my head for something in a more sophisticated folk-pop idiom. Anyway, it's more or less finished, unless I choose to change some of the lyrics.

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