Monday, September 15, 2008

ARTSY and obscure is all very well but I went somewhat the opposite direction on this ditty:

YOU CAN TELL I'M A HIPPIE (By the Hummus in my Beard)

Vegetarian, Unitarian,
Liberal through and through;
A soul-barin', sandal-wearin'
Peace-nik, tried and true.
Car forsakin', bike-ride takin',
Get there by and by;
I'm a bread-bakin', pottery-makin',
Folk-singin' sort of guy.

Got a long-haired girl, rocks my world,
Lovin' her more and more;
We're counter-cultural, goin' natural,
Hippies to the core!
That long hair may be turnin' gray,
But life's cool, all in all;
She is my day, lights my way,
Picks me up when I fall.

You can tell I'm a hippie by the hummus in my beard;
Never too worried about how I appeared,
As long as I'm not too closely sheared!
No, I haven't feared to be a little weird,
Picked my very own star and steered;
You can tell I'm a hippie by the hummus in my beard!

Tofu eatin' and solstice greetin',
Tryin' to grow and grow;
Time is fleetin' and there's no beatin'
Karma, doncha know?
So, flash a peace sign and we'll be fine,
Takin' it day by day;
Come by sometime, we'll drink cheap wine,
And just let come what may!

Stephen Brooke ©2008

I have to admit that certain friends and acquaintances came to mind as I was writing this!

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bint battuta said...

Wonderful! Brought a smile to my face!