Monday, September 08, 2008

IT SEEMS I've had a family of rats move in. Despite all the reverence for life stuff, I'm practical enough to know I need to get some traps and/or poison out. The poison is more effective, of course, but kind of a nasty way to die (assuming a trap kills cleanly, which it doesn't always) and sometimes leaves smelly rat corpses in the walls.

Maybe I just need Sarah Palin to do a fly-by with her rifle.

Speaking of Palins, if this Palin were running I'd vote Republican. Though I'm sure there must be some cross-dressing lumberjacks in the ranks of both parties.

Oh well, whoever gets elected is sure to be better than what we have now. Although I think I'll be voting Obama -- I reckon it's the Democrats' turn to mess things up for eight years -- I also think that both candidates are a bit more moderate than their opponents make them out to be and that McCain does have a streak of pragmatism (and, of course, stubborness) to help balance out the 'true believers' (yeah, I read Hoffer many years ago) in his party.

I don't think I could vote for Sarah Palin, though, and definitely don't like the idea of her being next in line should anything happen to the President. Not that I mind the gun-toting libertarian side of her -- there's some of that in my background. It's the religious right part. Btw, I hate that term, 'religious right,' (because it gives religion a bad name) though I guess it's better than being atheistic right (a la Mr Hitchens).

The beauty queen part is okay too; after all I've been dating a former beauty queen myself the last few years, off and on. Mostly off recently, thanks to my duties keeping me close to home. (Steve sighs and thinks of said beauty queen)

And I distrust the mental processes of believers in 'creationism.' ('Creationism,' btw, is not religion but bad science. Belief is fine but not when it contradicts all the evidence.) That's one thing that definitely threw Ron Paul out of contention for me a few months ago (aside from his basic impracticallity in approaching the modern world).

But then, I'm not exactly enamoured of Biden as VP either.

So, it's grumpy ol' McCain and his odd-couple running mate or Obama and his...grumpy ol' running mate. Darn, I knew this whole break-away-from-England-and-have-our-own-country thing was a mistake!

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