Friday, September 05, 2008

THE RENEWAL on my peripheralvisionmag domain name came up yesterday...I almost canceled it, as the cost has gone up quite a bit. I do intend to continue with the magazine, but I'm not sure it's worth having a dot-com for it. Oh well, I paid up -- or when will my credit card bill arrives -- so I'll be keeping it for another year and see how things go. Still hoping to get the Fall Issue out towards the end of October, despite having a lot else on my plate right now (and feeling rather full!).

The fact that I have unlimited space/bandwidth on the site that hosts all my domains ameliorates the cost somewhat. I'd hate to have to pay for a website for each of them. Wow, I got to use a really big word there. I don't think it's ever appeared in my blog before...and I'm not even sure if I used it properly!

I decided to go 'simple' on the fonts for my sites. Just the very most common everybody-has-them choices. It's limiting but it's best to be safe -- I try to check my pages here on my Mac running SeaMonkey as a good indicator of problems other visitors might have.

In other news: OH NO, I've become addicted to Ugly Betty!

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