Friday, September 12, 2008

SPEND, EXTENDED: so here's the poem 'Spend' revised and expanded into the song 'Spend.' A name which may be discarded when I get to working out the considerable roughness that still exists. The third stanza there acts in a chorus capacity.


I've made no promises
I could not be keeping;
I've sown no strangers' fields,
For I'd not be reaping.
I've seen no need for truth,
When lies best lie sleeping;
Who of us would not leave
When the dawn comes creeping?

I've learned, by light of day,
Lovers fade to friends;
And though we say goodbye,
Leaving never ends.
I've spent my words unwisely,
As a sailor spends;
I've borrowed and forgotten
What tomorrow lends.

Today strives to become
More than yesterday;
Like those that came before,
It still fades away,
Forgetting now,
(Like the day before)
Forgetting then.
(And the day before,)

I've never been a player,
Never crossed the stage;
I've never entered left,
Read lines from your page.
Not every scene demands
Nihilistic rage,
But I broke all the sets,
Thinking them a cage.

Stephen Brooke ©2008

Btw, this is not something I would every be likely to work up and perform as 'sensitive singer-songwriter' -- this is more in the rock band vein. Maybe 'Berzircon' will record again some day...or even become a real band and perform!

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