Sunday, September 14, 2008


I don't normally go beyond posting first drafts but here is the revised and probably close to finished version of Spend (still not sure about that title).


I've made promises
I could not be keeping;
I've sown strangers' fields,
I would not be reaping.
Seen the need for truth,
When lies best lie sleeping;
Lingered over long
When the dawn came creeping.

By the light of day,
Lovers fade to friends;
Though we say goodbye,
Leaving never ends.
I've spent words unwisely,
As a sailor spends;
Borrowed and forgotten
What tomorrow lends.

Today strives to become
More than yesterday;
Like those that came before,
It still fades away,
Forgetting now, (like the day before)
Forgetting then. (and the day before)
Forgetting me,
Forgetting me.

Once I was a player,
Crossed the empty stage;
Entered left on cue,
Read lines from your page.
Every scene demanded
Nihilistic rage;
I broke all the sets,
Thinking them a cage.

Stephen Brooke ©2008

Pretty much changed the whole concept, but I reckon this one makes more sense. Or at least is slightly more accessible. Did a revision of the meter in the verses, going in on a stress at the beginning of each line, which makes it more forceful (I hope). The stuff there toward the end of the chorus section (in parentheses) is backup vocal. The music, btw, is more or less written, though when it comes to working up an arrangement (if I ever do!), it may call for a riff or two.

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Anonymous said...

This is a very fine poem, Stephen. I can really feel the very real sentiment there. It would make a fine song, even as a ballad basis for a rock song. Very nice, I wish I could write lyrical poetry. Maybe some day. Thanks for publishing this.