Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My Tupelo Honey, my Mississippi Miss,
Cute and funny, likes to kiss.
I'd love to see her today;
Why must I be so far away?
My Tallahassee Lassie, my Florida Flirt,
Sweet and sassy, pretty and pert.
I'm feeling lonely, can't be denied;
If I could only be at her side.

Gonna ring me one of those Belles,
Maybe sit with her for a spell,
In the shade of the magnolia tree;
I need someone to talk southern to me!
Goin' to a place where I haven't a care,
Where night-blooming jasmine fills the air;
Just one choice for this Southern man,
Gotta find me a girl from Dixieland!

My Myrtle Beach Baby, my Carolina Cutie,
Ain't no maybe, she's a beauty.
Loves to dance on a summer night,
Make romance by moonlight.
My Atlanta Lady, my Georgia Peach,
I'm so ready but she's out of reach;
Need to take a trip down Peachtree Street,
Taste those lips heavenly sweet.

Stephen Brooke ©2008

Well...full of cliches, obviously, and maybe even sort of sexist. But hardly serious. Okay, not serious at all. I've been messing with this lyric for a while, months I guess, adding a bit now and then. Reckon it's about as done as it needs to be.

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