Thursday, October 16, 2008

IT WAS ABOUT TIME I got back to work on remodeling my family room into recording studio space. As my duty as a caregiver is putting travel and performing and so on at a minimum right now, this will be a primary focus for the next few weeks -- maybe for all winter. Right now, I'm tearing down the last of the old ceiling in there. It was an extremely shoddy job originally; however, the beams above it don't look bad and I intend to leave them open. Should help the acoustics.

Oh, there's some suspect workmanship up there, too, but nothing that can't be remedied sometime down the line. Mostly cosmetic, anyway. This room -- and the carport which will someday be my tracking room -- were added onto the original farmhouse (built in 1940) at some point. My goal right now is to get it working as a combination control room/live room, as well as to use it for general musical entertainment, as the piano is in there.

* * *

I didn't watch much of the debate last night, since the Phillies and Dodgers were playing. Presidents come and go but ball teams last! I did happen to catch Sen Obama use the word 'prioritize' but I'll probably vote for him anyway. Even smart people use dumb words occasionally.

And Obama is certainly smart, not that brains is a particularly important commodity in a leader. If intelligence were all it took, Herbert Hoover would have been our greatest president.

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Anonymous said...

From what I've seen of Obama, he's a measured and intelligent man that cares for the working class and your health care system. I've seen parts of several debates between him and McCain. Obama would have my vote if I was American.

Btw, I'm TRYING to get a drawing done for you re next PVM. I'll send it asap.