Wednesday, November 05, 2008

SO, it seems I now live in a 'blue' state, albeit a rather red (or redneck) part of it. It occurs to me that yesterday's election was the triumph of Star Trek: the Next Generation over the original ST, with Obama being the considered Capt Picard and McCain the impetuous James T Kirk. I'd have been OK with either at the helm of my starship (but Kirk needed a Spock as second in command).

I'm a lot less OK with my state voting to ban 'gay marriage.' I suppose that is a civil rights question, in part, but I see it more as a business matter. I know that marriage is more than a civil contract but that's the only part of marriage that the government should be regulating, the contract of partnership between two (or more?) individuals. Any consenting and competent adults should be able to enter into a legal contract. The rest of it is up to religions or whatever to recognize or reject, as they see fit.

Well, today I need to get back to my many projects and, in particular, to finish getting the 'salon' (as I like to refer to my music room/recording space) into order. Time to record some stuff more or less professionally; maybe a song or two for this year's Best New Florida Song competition, despite the lack of success in the past. Even though these contests always say that the song is the important thing, I do think that more polished production helps. A lot, maybe.

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