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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Three words suffice in any tongue,
Amor, comida, dinero,
Known by the old, known to the young:
Love, food, and money.
Three simple words will get it done,
Amour, aliment, monnaie,
In every land beneath the sun:
Love, food, and money.

verse 1:
Love is food for the hungry soul,
Food will keep the body whole;
Every journey has its goal
And every road must have its toll.

repeat refrain

verse 2:
Each of us needs a love of our own,
For man does not live on bread alone;
But bread is better than a stone,
Sometimes we must ask for a little loan.

repeat refrain

verse 3:
Money can not buy love, but still,
We have our appetites to fill;
How much is enough we won't know until
At the end of our feast comes the bill.

repeat refrain

Stephen Brooke ©2008

The 'three words' is an idea I've had in the back of my mind for years. Finally found its way to the front, though I consider this lyric to still be somewhat rough. I'm not sure if it's a waltz or something samba-esque at this point; should work either way.

A few minutes later: It's definitely a waltz!

And even later: my first thought on this was to plug in a couple different languages on each repeat of the refrain, rather than just the Spanish and French. Obviously, I'd have to be confident that my usage was proper and correct before I would do that. Maybe I'll attempt it eventually. In the mean time, if I perform the song (it is finished and ready to go public) I may use only the Spanish -- from the start, I had a sort of mariachi sound in my mind anyway.

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Jean said...

Great song! When will we get to hear it?