Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Sometimes a loser, sometimes a winner,
seems about the same;
Don't know if there ever was
a point to playing this game.
Won't bother with my two-hundred dollars
the next time I pass 'Go;'
Gone around too many times
and still have nothing to show.

Move ahead when it's my turn,
a price for every deed;
I have more than I could have asked
but far less than I need.
Life and love are on the table,
a game and nothing more;
I roll again but no longer care --
I'm not keeping score.

Same player, with a new name;
only luck and myself to blame.
Win or lose, it's all the same;
the game remains the game.

Sometimes a loser, sometimes a winner,
doesn't matter now;
doesn't matter what I played,
doesn't matter how.
I look upon the empty board,
playing pieces broken;
there was no luck in these dice
nor the words I've spoken.

Stephen Brooke ©2009

A song, of course, and fairly obviously rock-oriented. Also pretty rough -- it may never be anything more than an undeveloped lyric. I have no plans to pursue the rock n roll side of things anytime soon (but maybe eventually).

I do have the studio pretty well back to usability now and will be recording, as time and task permits. Probably semi-folk stuff, a lot of it referencing Florida.

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