Friday, January 30, 2009

I STILL hate Facebook. Had to give it another try, since so many people think it is great and I thought perhaps a 'band page' might be useful.

But no. I've shut down the account and will stick with MySpace. I like the more chaotic, trailer park-like atmosphere there whereas Facebook reminds me of nothing so much as high school cliques. Of course, I'll always be here, as well!

Been looking at Ning lately. Create your very own social idea worth exploring, perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

I was sad when you tried but left Multiply. I like it there and from what I've discovered, there are the more mature-minded (but all kinds are there). I don't hang out with people who are not much unlike what I'm into, but that's the beauty of Multiply you can examine people's posts via network to find out if you want a contact. But maybe it didn't suit you because of your creative interests.

Anyway, *sigh* I am here to read your poems, etc. Your foodie poem was very fun. What's cookin' next?

Btw, while I'm here, just letting you know that I'm on my last edit draft for my book. It came back from my ed in pre-published form, so online it looks like a 'real' novel (format). Getting close now. Had to finish the cover and get it photographed properly.

I hope, hope, to catch up with you after it's all done. Cheers from Tas,