Thursday, January 08, 2009

ONCE AGAIN, the combination of my middle-aged pre-Intel Mac and SeaMonkey browser came to my rescue when a page at MySpace attempted to do bad things. I'm probably using this computer 80 to 90 percent of the time I'm online and it's a very safe choice. Not sure what I'll do when it gets too old -- already, I can't use some newer software, including most of the updated browsers.

So thanks to Steve Jobs for this over-ripe Apple but I'm thinking I might like to go Linux for my next main internet computer. Although my current provider (NetZero) apparently won't work with it.

* * *

It's 2009 -- yes, I noticed -- and time for new starts and all that. I'm not into resolutions (hey, not much needs changing here!) but I have made up a to-do list for the year. I won't bore y'all with it but it does look like I'm going to be a busy lad.

Or I could just save it for 2010...

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