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Monday, February 02, 2009

AS USUAL, I did not watch the game yesterday. Hmm....I'm not sure if I've ever watched the Super Bowl. Sure don't remember doing so!

Indeed, I've avoided football altogether for years. Never enjoyed it and doubt I ever will.

But the Super Bowl is, like the ground hog, a harbinger of Spring. And of Spring Training -- just days until pitchers and catchers report. I'm sure anyone who has read me for long knows I'm a baseball person. Don't really care what teams win, just enjoy the drama and story of a good game.

Has there ever been any decent football poetry? I don't recall ever hearing (nor hearing of) any football poetry at all, though I've no doubt that someone has written it. Baseball is, I would say, naturally more poetic.

And I'm not talking just Casey at the Bat. The game has inspired Japanese Haiku masters. Neruda was a baseball fan.

And, of course, any game played on a warm Summer evening has something going for it.

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