Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Once again I've gone MIA and ignored writing to my friends (or commenting on their blogs). At this point, being a caregiver has become pretty much a 24/7 job so I'll probably not have as much online time as once. Some things may simply have to give way. That may include the magazine; will see how it goes.

The last couple poems I posted were pretty lightweight. (I was a lightweight when I boxed but I wasn't pretty.) So don't take them seriously! Anyone who has read much of me knows I like to throw in these throwaways occasionally. As opposed to throwing away the throwaways.

Recording: not much headway there, alas. Simply too much else requires my time for now. I've been working on the house and yard, however. Put in a peach tree a couple days ago and have more plants on the way (I like to order from Vernon Barnes of McMinnville TN, when I can -- if time permitted, I would have loved to drive up there). Pecans, peaches, figs and so on. The last time I ordered lots of trees (two years ago) we had an extreme drought and a lot of them didn't make it. Let's hope for sufficient rain and moderate heat for this Spring!

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Anonymous said...

hi Stephen, just calling in to read your journal. Life's pretty much the same here, except I have some freed up time since I gave up the owning of a Yahoo group. Still editing...on and on. I'll get there.

Lightweight poems are fine, write whatever you want. I wrote a throwaway once, but I still think it has some merit. At least when we do the lightweight, we're still creating.