Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some feature of the crucified face may lurk in every mirror. Maybe the face died and faded away so that God could be everyman.
Who knows? We might see it tonight in the labyrinths of sleep and remember nothing in the morning. ~Jorge Luis Borges

I've been rereading Borges lately. Perhaps my favorite Modern poet or, at least, my recent favorite (despite his sometimes not-so-admirable political leanings). This was a quote from his 1960 book of essays/stories/prose poems (take your pick), El hacedor (The Maker). Borges speaks a language of symbol, of rich metaphor, in which I would love to converse.

There are some quite excellent poets posting online, in blogs and elsewhere. It did take a while to discover them! I read through a horrendous amount of 'personal' drivel in Yahoo groups and such over the past few years. Most of the best (in my humble opinion) poets I've come across seem to come from somewhat of an Imagist approach. Which, of course, is perfectly fine.

But I need to occasionally read someone like Borges to remind me of the other side of the poetic coin, of the power inherent in words. I love words, you know. :)

Sat Feb 21: just an of the good things about Borges (and Neruda and other Spanish language poets) is that I know enough Espanol to read and comprehend (within reason!) the originals. I'll probably never have that with any other languages -- I know I'll never understand enough of the nuances of French to fully appreciate the Symbolists.

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