Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CITING a few famous names did wonders for the amount of traffic I get here. I should drop some more often! :)

I notice the same thing at the Peanut Road blog -- most of the drop-ins are folks who googled some piece of equipment or another that I mentioned. I'm afraid they probably don't get the info for which they were searching.

Back to stormy weather today and my dial-up is typically slowed to a snail's pace so I won't be on much nor very long when I am. Maybe more to talk about later...

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Anonymous said...

That's interesting. It never crosses my mind to 'drop names' to attract visitors to my site. I just write from pure inspiration, like yourself. I have this blogger site to mirror my multiply one as the m'ply one is network only. This is my public site.

Hey, Stephen, you know how you were consolidating, a while back, your online sites, well there's a new one called 'Twitter'. It's been heavily promoted here in Australia. It intrigues me but I just haven't got the time with all my writing (and planned art) projects to get a site there. I'm quite happy with my handful of contacts on m'ply, you and a smattering of others on the net. It's all about time usage, isn't it?

btw, I liked your travelling salesman song lyrics, your following blog from this one. It's a very 'country' feeling one.