Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'M MOVING things around again here -- will get it all right someday, I reckon -- and realized that I have about twice as many cook books as I do books of poetry. I guess that says something about priorities, eh?

* * *

The weather is incredibly nice right now here at Peanut Road. Everything is growing and blooming, the bees are buzzing, and the skies are not cloudy all day (haven't I heard that phrase somewhere?). So, of course, my allergies are kicking in and I got my first sting of the season. We seem to be slipping right into dry season mode. I'll have to water all the stuff I've planted frequently for the next couple months.

I put in a row of elms out by the road to see if I can grow some screening. Most around here opt for some sort of evergreen for that purpose but I wanted to try something different. No telling whether they'll take in this climate. I've also put in some peaches, some pecans, some figs and a row of mulberries. I'm hopeful at least some of these will do okay.

Same with the blueberries. I think they should grow quite well here. They were one of the few things I could get to thrive back in what passed for soil in Steinhatchee. I've also put in hostas, butterfly bush, nandinas, hydrangeas, and I've decided to take another try at hazelnuts. They did not do well two years ago but I've put in a couple of another variety (in a shadier spot) and will see if they can hold up to the heat here. I do love hazelnuts and would love to get some growing.

* * *

Still not getting much done, recording-wise. The studio/music room does not sound good at all without the ceiling. A very unflattering echo/reverb in there so I must get either a drop ceiling or some sound treatment up soon. However, I'm able to use one of the bedrooms as a booth of sorts so I could get something done if I can get myself going on it. In the mean time, I continue with 'pre-production' on the songs I want to record for my own project, working out instrumentation and so on. I'm not one to do this on the fly in the studio -- I like everything thoroughly prepared.

Except, of course, for my guitar solos. And my singing, to some degree. I like to improvise on the lead stuff, whether instrument or voice.

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