Monday, March 02, 2009

That was quite a weekend, weather-wise! No snow here in the Panhandle but flurries were reported in Dothan, just twenty miles north across the Alabama line. Not quite as bad as another March cold front, the 'storm of the century' back in '93, but there were similarities.

Btw, my song about that March 12, 1993, named, aptly enough, 'The Storm of the Century,' is almost certainly going to be on the upcoming album. Assuming I ever get it finished. I've been practicing it for live performance, as well.

But back to the weekend. Lots and lots of wind. I feared for my roof (which definitely needs replaced). Plenty of rain, too, but no bad leakage. Nothing like hearing water dripping against the ceiling! At least it helped water in the trees I planted. I did have to bring in all my potted stuff to protect it the next couple nights. Then back to Spring -- permanently, I hope.

Things, otherwise, are typically slow on Peanut Road. My niece Angie and her daughter Tasha are down from Illinois to visit my sister. Considering the weather, they might as well have stayed home. It should be nice enough by the time they have to leave.

I do have to make a decision on the magazine soon. I'm finding myself with little spare time (thanks to my care-giver duties and other need-to-dos) and I'm also getting very few usable submissions. I may have to give up or at least skip the Spring issue. I'd hate to do that. Link

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