Saturday, April 04, 2009

BEING STUCK at home this weekend, I'm spending a little time on my recording projects. It's been far too damp to run microphones lately but I am working up midi arrangements. Even on acoustic songs I often like to start this way (though I hate working to a 'click track' and have steadfastly refused to ever practice guitar to a metronome). The danger is that I get carried away with all the interesting sounds one can use so I try to keep it very simple; after all, most or all of the midi will probably not make it to the finished product.

Someday, though, I will certainly do that synth-based new-agey album that's in me. I'll probably talk more about this at the Peanut Road blog in a while.

* * *

I noted elsewhere that my list of authors a few days back was rather thick with relatively conservative and, often, catholic men. I'm not quite sure what that says about me...I'm certainly not conservative by today's definition. Perhaps they weren't either, actually! I prefer to think of myself as an extreme moderate. :)

But I suppose I am decidedly old fashioned in a number of ways. And, I am pretty much Catholic, at least in my way of looking at the world. That's ingrained -- I've no doubt that my affinity for the symbols and metaphors of the mystic tradition have their origin there. That mystic tradition goes way back, you know...well before Francis of Assisi and the rest of medieval Europe was influenced by the ideas and poetry of the Sufis. Who, in turn, owed not only to a long Mid-Eastern tradition (which impacted Christianity from the start) but also drew from the Taoist mysticism of T'ang Dynasty China. I think continuity is a good thing.

Though, of course, it must be counterbalanced by new ways of looking at things, new metaphors, new insights. Balance, both within and without, should be the goal. Enough meandering...

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