Monday, April 13, 2009


Going to the springs,
gonna float down the river;
Clear and cold,
it'll make you shiver.
Kids are diving
from rope swings;
The air is sweet
and the water sings.

We're going to the springs.
oh, we're going to the springs!
It's about the very best
place I know!
We're going to the springs,
yes, we're going to the springs!
Hope springs eternal
while the springs still flow!

Relax in the shade
of a big gum tree;
There is always plenty
of wildlife to see.
At Manatee Springs
the sea cows float by,
But at Weekiwatchee
a mermaid caught my eye!

Blue Springs, White Springs
any color will do;
And if you want them all
there's Rainbow Springs, too!
Wherever they rise,
south or north,
The world drinks
and life springs forth.

Stephen Brooke ©2009

Maybe three years ago, I started writing a song about the springs of Florida, intending it for a competition (at the Springs Fest). It never got very far.

But what lyrics and ideas I had finally came together -- after a fashion -- and this is the somewhat mediocre result. I've been stuck indoors with another heavy storm front passing through today so I'm getting some writing done, for better or worse.

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