Sunday, April 19, 2009

I HAD HOPED to get over to Marianna this weekend for the art festival but obligations here at home prevented that. So it goes. What free time was available on Fri and Sat went into the yard and garden.

The heavy and persistent rains we've experienced over the past few weeks pretty much ruined my attempts at flowerbeds, washing away seedlings. I've set out and salvaged what I could now -- at least I should get some veggies. And the rains certainly should have helped all the trees I got in the ground last month and gave them a good start before the dry season takes hold.

Which it will. Before we know it, the love bugs will be out on all the roads. I can hardly wait...

The birthday is coming up on Tuesday. I'll be older than last year but not as old as next. Yesterday was my sister Jeanne's birthday. Won't say how old she is but we could have sung a famous Beatle's song for her.

I guess it's okay to put on some age. At least I still have all my hair. Which is getting pretty long again. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it, right? I have the fixings for my birthday dinner ready. Of course, I have to do the fixing myself. My old favorite, eggplant lasagna. Used to be Stroganoff on the big day but now I'm vegetarian. Mostly.

If the eggplant in the garden do well, I may be eating this a lot later this year!

The wild privet bushes are blooming. Very fragrant. The bees love them. Looks like lots of fruit this year. The wild black cherries are really covered with little greenies. Something for the birds -- they're far too small for humans to fool with them. They -- and the privet -- grow wild everywhere around here. Not a bad looking tree at all. Between the two, one could do a pretty nice, maintenance-free (and free) landscaping job.

No peaches this year, however. My little (well, it was like 8 ft high) seedling tree died. I think it was just too close to the big live oak. Oaks do sort of poison the ground below them (as do some other trees, such as Eucalyptus). The new peach trees are not large enough to bear this year and probably not next. I'll get some pears, though. Always get more pears than I know what to do with. I do intend to set out another pear tree or two next year. Another low maintenance and nice looking addition.

If I could afford it, I'd have some of the oaks removed. They're too big for me to tackle so I guess I'll have to live with them for a while. Ha, they may well outlast me.

The magazine is somewhat on hold. I do hope to get out a 'summer edition.' With any luck, while it's still summer. So I'm still open to any submissions -- reviews, stories, poetry, art, essays, etc. I'll admit, I've been letting it take a back seat to the music lately, and to my duties as a caregiver. I need to transfer the '' domain too. Yahoo jacked up their prices to a ridiculous level. Maybe I'll switch it over to GoDaddy. No sense in letting the domain(s) go and I'll still host them at Yahoo, via my Insolent Lad site. At least for now.


pineyflatwoodsgirl said...

Open up the pears, spread them on the ground and let the butterflies eat them! Or you could save them for me.

I didn't get to Marianna either. I expect to see Veronika Friday night. She got press as a headlining act on the FFF website!

Anonymous said...

Most of my friends in the US have the same idea, get out in the garden. As for me it's Autumn and getting colder. I went out the backyard and pulled out old daisy bushes and want to buy a small tree to spruce things up, along with putting in some geraniums which I prefer to daisies.

I haven't cooked with eggplant alot and I know they need cutting and salting to get the bitterness out. Do you make a moussaka? I tried that a few times, but gave up. I think there's a technique involved with it.

I think it's great that you've got your hair and it's long. I'm a bit of 'hair' person. So many guys cut their hair too short, but longer hair to me is attractive. If you doubt that, check out most of those romance book covers. haha!

Stephen B said...

AE: I do salt-and-rinse my eggplant before cooking, though this one proved so bland it probably wasn't necessary. Never tried moussaka -- maybe if I get a bumper crop from my garden I'll experiment!

Oh, and of course I look just like Fabio with my long hair. ;)

PFWG: You're welcome to pick pears. I may attempt pear sauce if I've the time. My sister dices them and uses them to make mince pies.

BTW, I hope to include our IBB song on my album (it will be finished some day). I'll get to you about that eventually. And probably see you around and about at the FFF -- don't know which days and how long I'll be able to attend this year.

Anonymous said... are funny, Stephen.

btw, while I'm here, my published novel is coming in the mail next week from Lulu. Amazing, eh? I'm chuffed. Anyway, I'll talk to you later.