Thursday, April 02, 2009

IT SEEMS unlikely that I'll find my way down to the Dunnellon (lovely town, by the way) area this weekend for the Will McLean Festival. Alas, that's two years in a row. Those who make it there, have fun!

I am hoping to make it to a more local festival in a couple weeks, the Marianna Arts Festival and BBQ Cook-Off on April 17 and18. The entertainment schedule is not yet posted but some folks I know will be there, the band Swiftwater, flutist Jonny Lipford, and (according to her site) Veronika Jackson.

And, of course, I will, one way or another, make it to the 'big one,' the Florida Folk Festival towards the end of May. This would be my ninth consecutive year, which isn't a lot compared to some folks, but I don't plan to mess up the record now. As mentioned before, my niece 'Mean Mary' James is playing this year, as a solo act (husband Johnny will probably be along to photograph). She's been working on possibly doing a John Hartford-like rhythm thing with her feet to make up for Frank not being there to play with her. I reckon at the festival she could find a slew of musicians who would be willing to fill in or play some percussion, however.

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