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Thursday, May 14, 2009

another Peanut Road post moved over here (with a few new comments):

(originally post November 15, it's not so new now)

Yes, indeed, I've ordered yet another shiny new microphone for the studio. Hey, I did wait for a good deal! More importantly, it filled a hole in my 'mike cabinet.' I've been thinking about getting this one -- or something along the same lines -- for quite some time.

Okay, the microphone -- it is an SE Electronics SE2a small diaphragm condenser (one of those 'pencil' shaped mikes) with three interchangeable capsules: omnidirectional, cardioid, hypercardioid. The thing is, I've already had one of these microphones for a couple years and always knew I should have a pair. They fill a niche between the cheapo Cad GXL1200s (which aren't bad for essentially generic Chinese mikes) and my quite nice Audio-Technica AT4049a pair (my go-to pair for choirs). The ATs are omnis -- I could get cardioid or hyper capsules for them (and might someday) but they would be costly.

I'm hoping this pair of SEs will be the middle-range workhorses for me. They sound fine, not high-end, but more than adequate, and with the range of capsules available they should prove versatile. I'm hoping to use the pair for my next big concert recording (Tuskegee, Dec 2, Christmas Concert in the University Chapel). (And I did use them in hypercardioid form, as I was forced to set up way up in the balcony...the results were acceptable but not much more.) The ATs just pick up too much of the audience noise with their omni pattern, as I discovered last year! (always a very loud crowd there)

I know this mike is useful for miking acoustic guitars and such. It should be a decent drum 'overhead' as well. Anyway, this addition pretty much fills out my small condenser needs for the foreseeable future. The next purchase should be something completely different.

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