adventures in dysthymia

Monday, May 04, 2009

I've decided to cut back my number of blogs (my time and presence on line has been reduced some lately anyway), so I'm transferring a few posts from my Metanoist blog here and deleting it. Just some quotes that had caught my fancy. I may cut the Peanut Road blog as well...will see.

It is impossible to experience Deja Vu for the first time ~Les Barker

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~ Scott Adams

By far the greatest thing is to be a master of metaphor. It is the one thing that cannot be learned from others. It is a sign of genius, for a good metaphor implies an intuitive perception of similarity among dissimilars. ~Aristotle

There's no such thing as a realistic actor since it's all make believe. ~Bruce Campbell

"You take art as a means not as an end. This is a strict theology, but it's unusual to find an agnostic believing it." ~from Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh

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