adventures in dysthymia

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Life, that is. I was unable to get away (to the Fla Folk Fest nor anywhere else) over the weekend. It looks like things are going to remain this way for a while -- being a caregiver for my mom has become a 24/7 job and finding someone to relieve me for a day or two would be rather difficult. I did consider taking her with me on Sunday but it was a longish trip, rainy, the park at White Springs is large and takes a bit of getting around and there are even concerns about the flu right now. I'm not even sure I would feel right leaving her alone for the minute or three it would take to visit the rest room.

So, I missed seeing the Mean niece and everyone else. I hear it went well enough despite the rains. Being stuck at home, I used the time to put up the ceiling grid in the music room. Tiles next, when I have the time and money to get some.

Btw, Mary's older sister, April, just qualified for the Boston Marathon. Different skill set but talented in her own way.

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