Wednesday, June 17, 2009

CHANGES at Cafe Press: We have completely revised our stores at Cafe Press, opting to move away from the all-in-one premium shop we’ve operated for the past couple years and go with multiple shops linked to our own Emporium. We feel this will better serve both our needs and those of our customers — the money we save is reflected in lower prices on the products.

Related: I was prepared to abandon my domain -- as I had peripheralvisionmag earlier -- as an economy move, mostly due to the fact that Yahoo had jumped their domain registration up to $35 a year. However, I find that I can get five years for the same price at GoDaddy, so I decided to keep it after all. Shoot, I even added an extra year and renewed for six...and here all those women said I couldn't commit...

I reckon I'll do the same for and before they come up for renewal next year. Even if I don't really need all of them.

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