Friday, June 12, 2009

So, today is the day when we finally are forced to watch digital television. I'm okay, in terms of my television sets/digital tuners, but not so good antenna-wise. I am definitely going to lose some channels out here in the boonies, stations I could pick up -- albeit often rather snowy -- via analog signal.

The closest major signal source would be the Dothan stations (25 to 30 miles), although I often pick up Panama (about twice as far away) just as well. In fact, I get Panama better on the south side of the house and Dothan on the north. The thick walls in this place are good sound blockers and apparently do the same for tv signals.

As far as Tallahassee goes, I might as well forget it most of the time. I suppose I will invest in a decent antenna eventually, maybe a big one on a tower (I'm also thinking radio here). In the mean time, viewing will be a bit restricted. I don't know if I'll pick up any Fox signal at all and two of my favorite shows, House and Bones are on that network.

Actually, I only have maybe four programs I watch regularly these days (since dropping satellite a while back and not having Food Channel anymore!). Besides the two I mentioned, there would be Fringe and Lost. I reckon it wouldn't really bother me if I couldn't get any television at all; I'd just as soon read or get online or work in the studio (if I have enough energy left by evening). When I was a kid, we were lucky to pick up one or two very snowy channels and I survived that. Black and white, to boot!

But right now, television helps give my mother something to fill her time. Unfortunately, she has trouble distinguishing it from reality at times. I try to make sure she doesn't leave her set on overnight because she's bound to have all sorts of worries about things she heard and saw in her bedroom during the night.

Mom is doing well enough, considering. She continues to decline mentally and doesn't seem to understand who I am much of the time -- she keeps telling me about things Steve did. When I say 'I'm Steve' she says, 'Oh, the other Steve.' I hope to meet that guy someday...

PS I should have added my favorite sitcom (and the only one I watch) to that list: Big Bang Theory.

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