Thursday, July 30, 2009

I've not been doing the 'social network' thing much, as I suspected I wouldn't be able to devote sufficient time to it. Yes, I've kept up blogging here -- at least some -- and I do maintain a presence at MySpace, but that's about it (unless one counts Ning, where I belong to Bonnie Hunt's group but don't really interact).

But it's worthwhile to connect with people -- especially those online friends I've been neglecting -- so yesterday I reinstated my Facebook account (may get a band page going too) and started a new Multiply (Facebook for old folks, ha ha) as well. I might even do Linked In, if I can figure out just exactly what my profession is these days...

Incredibly muggy here today on Peanut Road. I've been out digging holes and now I feel like I'm ready to be dropped into one of them. Time to get some iced green tea; more later.

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