Monday, July 27, 2009


There's no need to think outside
the box, if the box we're in
is large enough. Just be sure
it has room to hold your dreams.

We need boxes, you know, or all
those dreams would float away, be lost.

Poetry is a box. We fill it
with words and mail them to ourselves.
I've so many now I think
I need a box to hold my boxes.

God must have the largest box
of all. No thinking outside that one.

Stephen Brooke ©2009

A quickie poem-thing (yes, Sandburg-esque -- I seem to be doing that a lot lately). Haven't been on much, haven't written nor blogged much. Too much going on in the so-called real world (though I sometime wonder what's real and what ain't). I apologize to friends I've been ignoring.


Anonymous said...

I'm here catching up on your poems.

What if the universe is mere space, in God the Omnipotent, and we all fit inside a matchbox? No need to think outside his box if we already live in it.

Now I'm thinking of the artist's mind. How creativity must come, if it has known confinement, the 'box', to a place where imagination can take form in imagery, written or pictorial, and something only an individual's soul can create. I think of Dali and the surrealists, somewhat. Let imagination fly, and if the mind, eyes and fingers create, may there be motivation and energy enough to perform it.

Actually, Stephen, your poems are always good, never seen a dud (hardly...haha) and wish you were back at M'ply. There's some people there I know that would really love your stuff. Really.

Stephen B said...

Ah, this point I've little time for socializing at social networks. I know I should probably have a Facebook presence too.

For that matter, we can start blogging at Yahoo again, now that the new Profiles thing is up and running. Yeah, I have time for that...well, if I stopped hanging around at Gearslutz and other recording industry sites, maybe I would!