Friday, August 21, 2009


I've been having bad dreams
and you were in every one --
sometimes you had a knife,
sometime you carried a gun.
When I tried to hide
there was no place to run;
I've been dreaming about you
and it wasn't fun.

I dreamed I was in a tower,
tall and grim and gray,
with monkeys all around,
a little too eager to play.
There I was, your prisoner --
what could I do, you say?
I threw a bucket of water
and you melted away!

I saw you on a night mare,
one of riders four;
your buddies called you Pestilence --
I guess they knew the score.
I watched you rowing away
from a desert shore,
happy to be marooned
and see you never more!

I keep having these dreams
and don't know what to do;
why don't you go and haunt
someone else brand new?
I've had enough of this,
I thought that we were through;
Oh, I've been having bad dreams
and they're full of you!

Stephen Brooke ©2009

More light verse -- I seem to be full of it lately. Well, okay, I'm usually full of it, aren't I? I reckon this could be developed into a song, if I felt ambitious. Btw, no one in particular in mind here, no ex-gf or anyone like that!

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