Wednesday, August 05, 2009

PEANUT ROAD is a domain name I've owned a couple years. I'd never had any plans to obtain the domain but when Microsoft Live was giving away free domain names with free sites, I decided to claim it. In that it was free, I've never done a great deal with it, and built a simple four-page site that exists primarily to direct traffic to my other domains.

Now, ML is going to start charging for the domains. The sites -- such as they are -- remain free. At Fifteen Dollars a year, I don't know if it is worth it to me to renew. I could just let it's a good name, I know, but I don't have that much need of it.

Or if I do keep the domain name (which belongs to me, not Microsoft), I could switch it to a cheaper registrar, as I did with my Yahoo domains when they raised the price to $35 a year. Go Daddy would cost me about half as much. And then, I suppose, direct it toward pages on my main site (or somewhere). Worth it? If I ever got anything going here on Peanut Road, maybe so. Right now, probably not. I do know that the Live sites essentially suck, so without the free domain I have little incentive to stay there.

* * *

I've been playing around at FaceBook and Multiply for a week or so now, and I still have my doubts about a web presence that many people can't see. That's why I've always preferred Blogger and MySpace. Steve has nothing to hide! On the other hand, maybe Steve should have something to hide...

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