Friday, August 14, 2009


There was an itty-bitty pretty kitty
Who lived in an apartment in the city;
She looked out of her window every day
And told herself 'I ought to run away!'

For right across the street there was a park
She thought the perfect place to have a lark;
'If I go there I'm sure that I shall find
Trees to climb and rocks to hide behind!

'And there in wait I patiently would lie
Until a butterfly should flutter by.
Then I'd leap out and catch it in my paws!
Why? Oh, I'm a cat, so just because.'

It seems she truly had become quite bored
By all her kitten toys and she ignored
Enticement by stuffed mice and balls of yarn.
The pretty kitty didn't give a darn!

So, through an open door the kitty slipped
And down the flight of stairs she gaily skipped;
Well, cats may not exactly skip, it's true,
Still, she bounced off to see all that was new.

She planted both her itty-bitty feet
When she reached the busy, bustling street;
There she sat and watched the cars whiz by
And wondered whether she should even try.

'Oh no," she thought, 'I could end up quite flat
And that is no condition for a cat!'
But right across the road lay all that grass --
The kitty waited for the cars to pass

And made a wild dash for the other side.
It's fortunate the street was not too wide!
Though her little heart beat double-time
The sights spread out before her seemed sublime.

But as she set out to explore the park,
Suddenly a dog began to bark;
Then another and soon there were three
Joining in canine cacophony.

It was too much; she turned around and ran
Through the traffic, right in front of a van!
As fast as four legs can, she climbed the stairs,
Dashed through the door and hid behind the chairs.

'This is where I belong, right here at home!'
The kitty thought, and vowed to never roam.
'Why, here I'll find no terrible mishaps
Just hands to smooth my fur and pleasant naps.'

The itty-bitty pretty kitty purred
But later on that night she rose and stirred --
Gazed through the window, out into the dark
And planned her next excursion to the park.

Stephen Brooke ©2009

A bit of sustained silliness. Maybe I'll do something serious later.

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Bob said...

This would make a great illustrated book for kids.