Friday, August 28, 2009


I did a deed, indeed I did,
I did a deed, as I was bid;
I did the deed with all due speed
And once I did it, ran and hid!

* * *

I laugh out loud, allowed to laugh,
I laugh out loud, though it's a gaffe;
I laugh aloud for I am proud
That when I laugh it's not by half!

* * *

I lent a loan, alone I lent;
I lent a loan and it was spent.
I lent the loan and now I moan
For what I lent was my last cent.

Stephen Brooke ©2009

Little pieces, essentially as an exercise. Don't ask the name of the form, I was kind of making it up. It's good to have restrictions at times, whether they be rhyme, rhythmic considerations, or a stricter form. It forces us to come up with words we might not have used otherwise which, in turns, leads our thoughts in new directions and toward new discoveries.

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