Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wise men three, in the East,
saw a star ascend,
knowing as the light increased
it called them to attend
the birth of one who had no crown
but was the king of men:
a lord to free all who were bound,
the old reign at an end.

Wise men three, from lands far,
from lands beyond the sea,
followed then their shining star,
a star of prophecy.
For by ancient lore they knew
this radiance to be
the emblem of one born to true
royal destiny.

Wise men three traveled thence
in caravan to bring
gifts of myrrh and frankincense
and gold to crown a king.
And on a night when triumphed good,
when death lost its sting,
they with humble shepherds stood
to hear the angels sing.

Wise men three, Magi proud,
to a stable came;
there before the child they bowed
and praised his holy name.
We, travelers from afar as well
have seen that very flame
in our skies its story tell,
the Christ child's birth proclaim.

Stephen Brooke ©2009

An early Christmas poem -- though I've actually been working on it since before last Christmas. Even so, I consider it rough and a candidate for rewriting, revising, polishing.

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