Monday, December 21, 2009

FAST AWAY the old year passes and I haven't much to say about it. Some things happened and more things didn't happen. Things are like that.

I'm not accomplishing a whole lot at the moment, other than taking care of business (so to speak). Perhaps that's enough. Creativity is at a definite ebb but I try to fit the occasional moment in, even if it's no more than strumming sambas on the classical guitar. My musical mind is in that sort of place at this time. Maybe looking for a bit of escapism in the music?

Speaking of music, my talented niece, 'Mean Mary' James just got her acceptance for performing at the Florida Folk Festival this coming May. She'll be a solo act again, as last year. Mary will be moving up to a Saturday evening slot this year -- must've impressed somebody.

Who knows whether I'll have a chance to attend. Hated missing for the first time in many years in 2009. Not to mention passing again on Willfest and even missing the Tuskegee Christmas concert this year. I recognize however that none of these things are truly important; I am acting according to my own priorities and have no regrets.

So I'll wish any and all readers and friends a Merry Christmas and offer my wishes for a good new year. It's not by accident that we celebrate the birth of Jesus at the turning of the year and the rebirth of our hopes. Today is the solstice, after all; there will be a little less darkness from this day on. :)

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